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Evolve Body Contouring


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Body Contouring
with Radiofrequency & EMS

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What's radiofrequency?

When we say radiofrequency, we’re talking about a very gentle, soft heat energy. Radio frequency targets fat cells and stimulates collagen production, allowing you to help your skin gain an tauter, firmer, more streamlined appearance.

What's EMS? 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) can accelerate fitness performance,
build muscle strength and strength

What does the Evolve machine use? 

Evolve is a body contouring machine that uses both radiofrequency and EMS. Either alone or combined, this machine can assist you in reaching your body goals. 

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Radiofrequency treatment focused on skin tightening and some fat breakdown


EMS treatment to increase muscle tone and strength 


Our most popular body sculpting treatment, Transform combines radiofrequency and EMS into one treatment! Get the best of both treatments in one session!


Tite & Tone Services, $199 each

Choose either a Tite or Tone treatment for $199 per session. 

Transform Services, $399 each

Transform allows you to get RF and EMS (Tite & Tone) in one session at the same time. 

See our specials for our latest Transform deal! 

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