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IV Therapy 


For those looking for a quick hydration boost.

Normal Saline



If you're feeling under the weather or if you're about to travel and don't want to get sick.

Vit C + Zinc + B12


Vitamin Boost

Also known as a Meyer's Cocktail, this is a great choice for anyone. It's packed with antioxidants, and micronutrients to help supportr your body's needs.


Vit C + B12  



For those who had a long night out, just got back from vacation, or had a long week at work. 

B12 + Vit C + Toradol + Pepcid 



For those who feel like they're always tired and need an energy boost. 



Vit C + Glutathione



For those looking to get healthy, glowing skin!

Glutathione + Vit C


Not sure which to get? Give us a call! 

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Mon: 10am-6pm

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